Vivo Retains IPL Sponsorship For Next 5 years (2018-2022)

Vivo Retains IPL Sponsorship  For Next 5 years (2018-2022)

vivo ipl

vivo ipl

It’s an ideal time to do business with the richest board in World cricket, the BCCI, and the Chinese mobile manufacturers are cashing in quite heavily. OPPO, cracked a mammoth 1079 crore rupee deal for the Indian jersey sponsorship for the next 5 years. VIVO have now chipped in with a mind-boggling deal for the title sponsorship of the most pompous league in the World, the Indian Premier League. A 2,199 crore rupee deal for the next 5 years. VIVO also were the title sponsors for 2016 and 2017. The amount spent for these years was 200 crores. Over the years, there have been different title sponsors and the money spent wasn’t as magnanimous as the current deal.

DLF was the title sponsors from 2008-2012. The deal was made at rupees 50 crores a year. The real estate giants were the very first to bind with the BCCI. Very little did the world know that after a decade, the currency spent would be an 11 digit number.

Pepsi Co then took the onus. They cracked a deal with the IPL for the next 3 years. The amount, 80 crores a year. A 60% increase from the previous bandwagon.

The Indian Premier League has attracted crowds and media from all corners of the World and VIVO did pounce on this opportunity. The years 2016 and 2017 did see the Chinese organisation walk away with the deal for 100 crores a year.

For, the next 5 years though, from 2018-2022, the price has skyrocketed. From 100 crores a year to a whopping 440 crores. The deal has put this title sponsorship amongst the highest in World sport. Just to make it sound more audacious, VIVO is also the title sponsors for the FIFA 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The amount spent there is between the 2500-2900 crore range.

VIVO has retained the title sponsorship and with aplomb. The Indian Premier League is one of the mightiest leagues in the world and it’s grandiose just got multiplied, courtesy VIVO.

Updated: June 29, 2017 — 3:03 pm

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